We are located in Bolinas, California just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean surrounded by the rolling hills and natural beauty of Western Marin County.  The natural elements and the geographic location are great for orchid growing.  We get higher humidity from the ocean, some fog in the evening and a lot of sun, which allow us to grow very healthy and vigorous plants for you.

Partnerships are central to our business including two of the most reputable orchid growers in Brazil and in the world, Wenzel Orchids. We also collaborate with local growers in order to bring you the best.  They help us offer incredibly nice species selected with the scrutiny of  trained eyes that otherwise would not be available in the United States.  We also have a local breeding program that enhances what we are able to offer you.  We carry with us a family history involving orchid growing that has already lasted since 1978.

We believe in fair trade, the protection of the environment and natural habitats where orchid species grow.  Our orchids come from collections that are at times over 5 decades old, others are the latest crossings in Brazil and the United States, thus creating fantastic orchids being raised in greenhouses for decades.  We take great care to protect the environment and cause no negative impact on the beautiful nature in and around where we grow our orchids.  We believe in sustainability and causing no harm on the environment.  We think that growing orchids is a peaceful activity that is good for the soul and inspiring to the mind.  We like to use orchids as beautiful excuses to make more friends.

Sergio Garcia