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Cattleya loddigesii ‘Aranda B’ x Cattleya loddigesii ‘Desert’

This is the breeding improvement that brought together what is best in Cattleya loddigesii strains from Brazil.  The first parent came from a selection of plants from a great American loddigesii grower that had purchase many seedlings of Cattleya loddigesii Aranda B x self in Brazil and selected the best. The ‘Desert’ strain came from […]

Laelia anceps ‘Pink Diamond’ x Laelia anceps ‘Princess’

Two of the best strains or very light colored Laelia anceps were crossed together to create beautiful Laelia anceps for you.  These are hardy growers, cold and heat tolerant.  Originally from Mexico, this species has been breeding in nurseries for decades specially here in California where we are surrounded by good Laelia anceps growers and […]


We grow some of the very best Cattleya that you can find in the United States.  We produce hybrids and specialize in species improvement.  We breed them to create great varieties with high quality flower shapes. Check our Facebook page under the Olompali Orchids.  

Cattleya nobilior the noblest of the Cattleyas – Its history in Brazil and Japan

Nobody knows exactly what Reichenbach was thinking in 1883 in “Illustration Horticole” – book 30 – plate 485, when he described the Cattleya nobilior.  What we do know is that he described it as “the noblest” of the Cattleyas.  It would have been difficult for us not to believe his statement, since over time, that […]

Upcoming orchid shows – Come see us

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2012! Get your orders in now and we will bring your plants to the Sonoma County and San Francisco shows in February.

Cattleya labiata alba ‘Alpine Valley’ x Cattleya labiata alba ‘Bonfá’

Size 3 plants – This is such a fine Cattleya labiata alba lineage.  Considering that we know the background of these plants, we suspect that not all of them will turnout alba.  Many will turnout alba, however and the shape of the flowers and texture come with high expectations.

Laelia purpurata carnea

size 4 – A great Laelia purpurata carnea that has been in our collection for almost two decades.  We like its flower shape and color, plus its added benefit of carrying a great lineage of Laelia purpurata carnea coming from Brazil, more specifically from Dr. Geraldo Pato – a great commercial grower from the state […]

Laelia tenebrosa vinicolor ‘Eduardo’ X ‘Fumacina Fujita’

These are seedlings of the great “Fumacina Fujita” a proven parent crossed with vinicolor “Eduardo”, a cultivar of dark chocolate with a wine touch.  Hoping for the good and the unusual in this crossing.  Plants are size 3, but these will flower at size 3 1/2 – 4.  One of these turned out oculata.  some […]

Welcome to Olompali Orchids

Our passion for award quality orchid species and classy hybrids have guided what we make available to you, the type of orchid that we wish to have in our own collection.  The space it takes to grow an orchid with average flower shape is the same that it takes to grow an award quality one, […]

Laeliocattleya Tydea (Laelia pumila coerulea x Cattleya trianae coerulea)

Nowadays the correct nomenclature should be Cattleya pumila, but you know…This is a great little cross!  Plants are slightly bigger than Laelia pumila, but much smaller than Cattleya trianae.  They remind me a bit of a very old hybrid called Lc.  Cornelia coerulea.  There is something special about these flowers that have thus far confirmed […]