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Bl. Morning Glory x Laelia purpurata


size BS – Long ago I fell in love with the lip of Bl.  Morning Glory, which is a cross between my favorite species – Laelia purpurata with a small, hardy and prolific Brassavola that has whip-like pseudo-bulbs.   That is a famous crossing that is very popular for having beautiful flowers, remarkable lip and great vigor – an easy grower.  I always thought that it needed slightly wider petals to make more sense, but I did not want to lose out on the other remarkable features of the parent.  I crossed it back with a nice select Laelia purpurata.  I thought I was smart for making the hybrid, but than I found out that a great hybridizer that I respect greatly had already made that cross before me.  That makes it a proven cross!  I saw them some of them in flower recently and they are gorgeous.  They are just like improved Bl. Morning Glory.  The photo shows Laelia purpurata “Ana Paula”, which is similar to the parent that I used.

purpurata ana paula